'I know many people would rather forget the COVID years, but, at Trinity, our history is our story, so we wanted to capture a historical record of the events that unfurled during the very strange time that was COVID. We also wanted to share and celebrate the experiences and achievements of our alumni, as many played important roles to help us adapt to the new world we all suddenly found ourselves in.'

'To that end, this edition of Trinity Today is our history book.'


Snapshot 2023

Read the latest news from all divisions of Trinity College.

A day in the life

Two Trinity staff members recount a typical day during the challenging time that was COVID-19.

Through the looking glass

Five education representatives reflect on the COVID era.

A different kind of college experience

Students at Trinity during the pandemic had a different experience to most.

Craving connection

With COVID-19 infections raging on for weeks, then months, then years, it became clear that the pandemic was impacting our mental health.

COVID timeline

For many of us, the pandemic has become a blur, so we tease it out to show how it all evolved.

Exit stage left

From the perspective of a screenwriter, a soprano and an audio engineer – how did COVID influence the arts sector?

Hospitality in hard times

When COVID-19 threw life’s dice in the air, there were industry winners and losers. Most would agree, hospitality lost out.

Where there's a will...

The Melbourne Indigenous Transition School employed some drastic and creative solutions during the pandemic.

Help is on the way

As the decade opened, the health sector was thrust into the spotlight, with a number of Trinitarians on the frontline and behind the scenes in the fight against COVID-19.

An Olympian effort

Trinity alum and chef de mission of Australia’s 2020 Olympic team, Ian Chesterman AM (TC 1978), reflects on the unpredictable lead-up to the Games.

COVID and the court

Helen Rofe (TC 1986) took on a new role as a Federal Court judge just as the pandemic was taking hold – an event that would change the way trials and hearings were held.

Where is God in all this?

The Revd Colleen Clayton (TCTS 2008) became a priest-in-charge at a challenging time – right at the outset of a global pandemic.


A recap of Trinity College events throughout the year – see if you recognise anyone!


We are saddened to acknowledge the passing of the following alumni and friends of Trinity College.

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