What our students say

We think Trinity is a fantastic place to live, learn and connect, but don't take it from us – this is what our current and former students say about their Trinity College experience.

Will Smith


‘I feel so grateful to Trinity for giving me the opportunity to live on campus, which has been amazing. There’s so much academic support, friends and sport, and it’s in the heart of the city. University is a literal gate away and the facilities are fantastic.’ 

Will Smith (Wiradjuri man), Kambrya College, Melbourne 

Lucie Griffin


'At Trinity, there truly is an appreciation for everyone, from all walks of life and who have different interests, whether they be musical, sporting, academic. This is why I chose Trinity.'

Lucie Griffin, Girton Grammar School, Bendigo

Oscar Hegge


‘I came to college very deliberately with the intention that I wanted to make a lot of friends, and I wanted to really expand how I was socially. So, I really leaned into it and I’m definitely a lot more confident and feel a lot more socially connected now.’ 

Oscar Hegge, John XXIII College, Perth 

Stephen Banh


‘I’m quite introverted and it takes me a bit of time to warm up to people, but everyone was really lovely when I first came in and everyone wants to make friends. I’ve found my confidence in talking to people has since expanded, and I’ve got a deeper insight into the many backgrounds and cultures of the students at Trinity.’ 

Stephen Banh, Braybrook College, Melbourne 

Sarah Bickford


‘There's such a peace when it comes to completely coming out of your comfort zone and then being rewarded with finding people who are so in tune with you. For the opportunity to be able to meet those people and have those opportunities, it's so worth the anxiety and the stress of moving, of leaving family, of all of that. No matter what kind of person you are, it is so worth it in the end.’ 

Sarah Bickford, Cairns State High School 

Edwina Crozier


‘Melbourne's such a big city and a lot of my friends have said that, although you think when you go to uni you're going to make a lot of uni friends, it's actually a lot harder than you think, because you are only spending an hour with these people every week. I think it's invaluable the friendships that you make at college.’ 

Edwina Crozier, Wilderness School, Adelaide, and Keith, South Australia

Elias Jarvis


‘The students and staff have been really warm and welcoming when it comes to understanding and learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and they're really keen to get involved and listen to Aboriginal people, which is really good because Aboriginal people expect to be met with scrutiny and apprehension.’ 

Elias Jarvis (Gunditjmara and Djab Wurrung man), Ballarat Grammar

Tom McNicol


'I’d say to others thinking about coming to Trinity to just apply, because, no matter who you are, I think you're going to have a very, very good time. You've got a great support network once you get into college and there are always going to be people there helping you with your studies and helping to open doors for you.’ 

Tom McNicol, Churchie, Brisbane 

Charlie Sutterby


'I love that it’s weird at Trinity if you don’t throw yourself into everything. It’s as though the more you get involved and try new things, the more you’re loved. Everyone here cares about their studies and uni grades too, which is really refreshing. The community around you encourages you to be your best self all the time.'

Charlie Sutterby, Lauriston Girls' School, Melbourne

Harris Mitter


'The great thing about college life is that you are always surrounded by people. There are always events on, always something to do. You will never get bored, and if you think life is getting too busy, you can always choose what to get involved with and what not to. You really have freedom of choice.'

Harris Mitter, Mater Dei Catholic College, Wagga Wagga, NSW 

Claudia McFarlane


'Being at Trinity is like being part of a big family, and I think that support system really assisted with my transition from high school to university. The academic program is also incredible and has definitely helped me achieve higher results. I’ve also learnt to step outside my comfort zone and take every opportunity that presents itself. College truly is such a unique environment where you can be whoever you choose.'

Claudia McFarlane, Cohuna Secondary College, Victoria

Ned Harrison


'Trinity is a seriously welcoming place. The second you come through the gates you are overwhelmed by activities, committees, societies, clubs, and sporting teams that you can get involved in. It really is a place for everyone and anyone as there are so many options for so many different types of people. Then being able to study with friends in great study spaces – something you would not be able to achieve at home – has set me up to be in a better position for my academic studies too.'

Ned Harrison, Scotch College, Melbourne  

Seraphina Nicholls


'If you live interstate, don't be opposed to trying new things and just really extend yourself and see what life would be like, say in another state or in another way of living. I'd encourage people to apply and then to involve yourself in a bigger city with a lot going on, because there are so many opportunities out there.’ 

Seraphina Nicholls, Narrabundah College, Canberra

Tom Poynton


‘Everyone at Trinity a really strong work ethic, which is great to be around, but everyone has a lot of fun as well. It’s a good balance.' 

Tom Poynton, Bairnsdale Secondary College

Clare Wever


‘I’d heard great things about the clubs and the rooms and your corridors … but it’s the people that you meet, and you can’t predict that. Everyone here is so lovely and warm and inclusive.’ 

Clare Wever, McKinnon High School, Melbourne

Tom Hunt-Smith


‘No matter who you are in terms of your background, there is always someone that you will feel comfortable with here. It’s such a great place because you are supported no matter who you are and what you want to do. I used to be quite introverted, but Trinity is doing a great job in bringing me out of myself.’ 

Tom Hunt-Smith, Melbourne Grammar School

Liam Rogers


‘It’s really nice to be able to get to know so many people in a different way to how you can at a school. When you’re at school there are sometimes social barriers when people are in different year levels, but at college there’s none of that. Everyone is so open and friendly and I love that.’ 

Liam Rogers, Friends’ School, Tasmania

Yale Cheng


‘Trinity's been around for a while and you know you're becoming part of something when you come here, which I find really, really nice. I think tradition is really what holds the culture together.’ 

Yale Cheng, Hale School, Perth  

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